Global Presence

We deliver linings (Jacquard, Taffeta, Twill, Tricot, Cotton, Percalinas, pocketing) where the customer needs at competitive prices.

STROBEL was born in 1942 as a company specialized in lining fabrics made of acetate and viscose. For years, our trademark has been great design, wide variety and the top quality of our fabrics.

We innovate constantly and we care about design. Customer and Brands value these details as they are our key differentiation factor. We present trends on PREMIERE VISION, we have over 500 customers from the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, to Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and Ururguay.

We’re looking to ADD VALUE TO YOUR BRAND through a strategic alliance.

We want to be THE SUPPLIER that makes your production process easier, because we know and understand each brand and its designers.

We understand that the textile industry is a GLOBAL industry, highly competitive and innovative. That’s why we understand that providing a global service is an ADVANTAGE for brands, no matter where the product is manufactured.

We offer to develop exclusive design and samples, including you in the process, on short deadlines, which will result in unique pieces for your brand. We ensure constant communication during the development process and great product quality as a result.

Prompt Delivery in Brazil

More than 10 years ago Strobel decided to enter the Brazilian market, thanks to the work of Rosemari Perdomo. Strobel do Brasil currently serves more than 200 customers, we have warehouse for prompt delivery, thus transforming a major player in the Brazilian textile market.
PREMIERE VISION present trends, develop designs and colors to order, and we have percalinas, taffeta in over 80 colors, twills and cashmeres in stock.

Prompt Delivery in Mexico

Starting in 2016, our Strobel linings will be distributed by Casa Cuesta, a company that was founded in 1923 in downtown Mexico City.
Characterized since then by having the widest assortment of domestic and imported cashmeres, as well as a variety of linings, accessories and other articles for tailoring, with distribution throughout Mexico.

New Partnership: China

Currently we represent our industrial partner in China; TongChu. In collaboration we deliver polyester linings (Jacquard, Taffeta, Twill, Tricot, Cotton, Percalinas and pocket lining) for the customer that requires the most competitive prices.